By the mariners and the shipbuilder, teakwood (tectona grandis) is the world most valuable, versatile, and strong hardwood in the world, the beauty of teak, the golder brown lustre, decorative grain and patterns, the strength, stability, and the resistance of weather, make teak known as the king of wood.

Teak is a dense, no other wood compares to teak regarding its durability, elegance, stability, and low maintenance, making teakwood as the ultimate material choice for furniture construction. And for now on as creation of durable and beautiful outdoor furnitur, indoor furniture, and bathroom furniture there is “No Subtitutes as Good as Teakwood”

By the natural oil content of itself, make teak withstand with all climate, most wood when in contact with water easily crack, but teak with is natural oil, even under sun and in the sea water will stay strong and stable, teak also has natural resins called technoquicinine that repels many kind of; bacteria, insect, marine bores, pest resistant, etc, and because its durability, teak also resistences to harsh chemical even when not treated with oil or varnish.

“Genuine Teakwood” is immune to dry root and need no special protection as it contains a unique blend of various resins and oils. Teakwood from Indonesia is considered as the highest quality in the world, especially for outdoor furniture, many other hardwoods are used for outdoor furniture.

As “teak-subtitutes” but there is no subtitute for teakwood, and no other hardwood will perform to the same high quality standards as teak in outdoor conditions.

Teak is simply the best hardwood in the world for outdoor furniture, teak is ideal timber for all outdoor applications.

Teakwood is highly prized by lovers and collectors of furniture, teakwood has been relied and trusted for its uncommon strength. The furniture hunter the world over recognized immediately the characteristic of the teak. The beauty fiber, and the strength is the primary reason that teakwood continues to be a main reason for furniture material.

People love teakwood furniture beacuse of its beauty and quality offered, the furniture commonly left unfinished to expose the natural pattern of the teak and with a “minimum decorations and ornaments”, natural colours enhanced the home interior and feel the natural impression in the house.

Teak furniture requires very little to no care and will maintain its unparalleled strength beauty and elegance for many year. The older the teak tree the better will be the quality of its wood, furniture constructed with selected older teak tree with minimum diameter of 25 to 40 cm withstand the elements for a century or more.

Teakwood is one of the better investments around. Being more expensive than most other woods, teak furniture has become something as a status symbol “Maintained properly a quality piece of teak furniture will last for many generations”.

Several factor should be considered when purchasing teak furniture to help guarantee for many years.

  1. Verify that’s the furniture constructed of 100% solid fine teak teakwood.
  2. Furniture be purchased from manufacturer’s who used only old plantation teak tree
  3. Covered by heavy paint, oiling, or finishing, is indicative of inferior young teakwood, easily attacked by bacteria, fungi, insect, etc. and will not be as durable as fully matured teak tree.
  4. Make sure the construction is completely utililzing fully teak and no mixture with other wood.
  5. Make sure the construction using heavy weight teak for thick composition, some retailers offer a thin and lighter construction of teak furniture to reduce cost, but this type of construction does not offer the longevity and reability of heavier construction.

It is imperative to not fall victim to “teak-like” offers and scams or succumb to lower price, but lower quality furniture without first following these few keys considerations, which will assure that your investment brings you beauty and functionally for next generations.